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What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a skin condition in the face that causes redness, vessels (couperose), bumps / pimples, dry skin and coarse skin structure. Often the cheeks and nose are affected in this skin condition, in some cases you can suffer from eye irritations. The redness may flare up at times and feel uncomfortable.

How does rosacea develop?

Unfortunately, the exact cause is not yet known. Deviations in the superficial blood vessels are often the reason for the redness, sun damage and other external factors also play a possible role. For example, it can happen that after spicy food, drinking alcohol, sunbathing, sauna, intensive sports, stress and certain medication (ACE inhibitors, nitrates and corticosteroids) can trigger or even worsen the rosacea complaints.

Treating Rosacea

What can you do yourself? With a skin disorder such as rosacea, a mild skin care routine is important. There are many products with ingredients such as vitamins C and E, niacinamide and licorice root extract that have a positive effect on rosacea. In addition, there are various treatments that you can undergo with one of our skin therapists. For example, a peeling or microneedling treatment is effective to reduce the symptoms of rosacea, laser therapy could also be used.

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Skin scan and intake

During the first consultation, the nature of your complaint will be discussed with the practitioner, so that a tailor-made treatment plan can be made. A good treatment plan starts with a skin analysis with the Observ520 skin scanner. The skin therapist can provide a detailed skin analysis about the deeper layers of the skin. You will also receive advice on products that you use at home to support and optimize the treatment. The results of the scan are stored and compared so that we can monitor the progress of the treatment.

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Curious what we can do for you? Then book an intake interview without obligation. The skin therapist analyzes your skin and we make a skin scan. This allows us to identify underlying problems and address them in a targeted manner.

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