day creams

More information about day creams

Day creams are skin care products that are intended to be applied to the face and/or neck during the day. They are usually used after cleansing and possibly toning the skin. Day creams are designed to hydrate, nourish and protect the skin against harmful external influences such as sun rays, pollution and dry air.

Day creams often contain ingredients such as moisturizing agents, such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin and ceramides, which help to retain moisture in the skin. In addition, they may also contain ingredients such as antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E, which help to protect the skin from free radical damage. Some day creams also contain sun filters to protect the skin from harmful UV rays from the sun.

There are many different types of day creams on the market, each with their own unique ingredients and properties. It is important to choose a day cream that is suitable for your skin type and any skin problems you want to address, such as dry skin, acne or pigmentation.

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