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What Are Dark Circles?

Dark circles are a discoloration, sagging, or thickening of the skin under the eyes.

Do you suffer from dark circles, bags or wrinkles under the eyes? It can happen to the best, especially when we haven't had a good night's sleep. However, sometimes puffiness or dark circles don't go away after a good night's sleep. It can provide a tired and less fresh look. Although dark circles and/or bags under the eyes do not harm your health, they can be experienced as annoying.

How do dark circles arise?

Dark circles or puffiness can not only arise in people due to illness, lack of sleep or poor lifestyle. Dark circles can also be due to genetic predisposition, thinning of the skin or hyperpigmentation. It is therefore important to ask the skin therapist for advice about the cause.

The hereditary form is most common. In addition, sagging can also be hereditary as a result of aging. This can create a wall. In addition, friction in people with hay fever or contact allergy is also a recurring cause. Friction in the eyes should be avoided

Treating dark circles

With carboxytherapy we literally breathe new life into your skin, without the need for surgery. No fillers, botox or other unnatural substances are used. Carboxytherapy is a natural, fast and effective way to get rid of
dark circles, fine lines and puffiness.

During this carboxytherapy, carbon dioxide is injected into your skin. Carbon dioxide is a body's own substance and therefore naturally already present in your body, which ensures that it is immediately accepted by your skin tissue and cannot cause any damage. The oxygen ensures active cell metabolism and thus improves blood flow, collagen production and improvement of skin volume.

Skin scan and intake

During the first consultation, the nature of your complaint will be discussed with the practitioner, so that a tailor-made treatment plan can be made. A good treatment plan starts with a skin analysis with the Observ520 skin scanner. The skin therapist can provide a detailed skin analysis about the deeper layers of the skin. You will also receive advice on products that you use at home to support and optimize the treatment. The results of the scan are stored and compared so that we can monitor the progress of the treatment.

Would you like to know what your skin type is, do you have a specific indication or question? Make an appointment now for an intake interview with one of our skin therapists.

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Curious what we can do for you? Then book an intake interview without obligation. The skin therapist analyzes your skin and we make a skin scan. This allows us to identify underlying problems and address them in a targeted manner.

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