We are Clinique Elixir

Clinique Elixir is a skin therapy practice focused on cosmetic and medical skin improvement. Expertise and quality are of paramount importance to us and that is why we only work with skin therapists.

Our skin therapists are affiliated with the Dutch association of skin therapists and meet the requirements of the Paramedics Quality Register. So your skin is in safe hands. We also have cooperation agreements with all health insurers in the Netherlands.

'Where Beauty meets Science'

Clinique Elixir is a skin therapy practice in Rotterdam. You can contact us for medical and cosmetic skin treatments. Clinique Elixir offers a wide range of skin care products.

Clinique Elixir offers professional advice on skin care, both at home and in the clinic. Can't figure it out yourself or do you have a question about a product? Ask one of our skin therapists for advice.

Mission and vision

Mission: "Our mission at Clinique Elixir is to provide quality medical care and treatments to our patients, while committed to improving their health and well-being."

Vision: "Our vision at Clinique Elixir is to become the leading provider of medical services, focusing on creating a comfortable and confidential environment for our patients and implementing the latest medical technologies to achieve the best possible results ."

Meet Clinique Elixir!

During an intake interview, we not only get to know you, but also your skin. You will get to know our skin therapists and our different treatments. We always ensure that the treatment suits your skin and thus ensure the desired result.