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What Are Scars?

Scars are cosmetically disturbing and often sensitive skin lesions that arise when wound healing is disrupted.

How do scars arise?

A disturbance can be caused by various causes such as: an infection, a general poor condition, poor blood circulation in the area. During the wound healing process, an excess of collagen can also be produced, which creates a thickened (hypertrophic) scar. The scar can also be retracted or adhered to underlying tissue.

Treating scars

The sooner you start treating a scar, the better the result. It is therefore important to take immediate action. At Clinique Elixir we offer different treatment methods to remove or reduce scars. Which treatment suits you depends on your skin and the scar.

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Skin scan and intake

During the first consultation, the nature of your complaint will be discussed with the practitioner, so that a tailor-made treatment plan can be made. A good treatment plan starts with a skin analysis with the Observ520 skin scanner. The skin therapist can provide a detailed skin analysis about the deeper layers of the skin. You will also receive advice on products that you use at home to support and optimize the treatment. The results of the scan are stored and compared so that we can monitor the progress of the treatment.

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Before and After

On the right you can see the result of 1 of our treatments. This result has been achieved with the fractional laser.

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